Mouseman by Mark Woodward


by Mark Woodward

Mouseman is a dark comedy set in early 1970s London. MM works at Beech Brothers Printing and Packaging, the most limited company on God’s earth, where office rivalries, practical jokes and the distribution of stolen goods are substitutes for actual work. He spends his time counting paper-clips and dreaming of the lovely Carol, until a strange day at the seaside makes it seem as if his dreams might come true. Then the mice invade his room, and his life begins to disintegrate…

Oddly gripping in a slightly perverse and voyeuristic sort of way… you can't help laughing even though you know you shouldn't. You feel a bit grubby after but can't seem to help yourself turning the pages.

Jo Nurse

Written with a really tight efficient style… sharp wit and humour.

Judy Kendall

Mouseman combines all the things I love most - dark comedy, deeply dysfunctional characters and the disturbing story of a man’s life unravelling. It stayed with me for a long time.

Megan Price

I… loved it. I was saddened at the end and felt a bit bereft as I enjoyed the character so much.

Paulene Smith

The narrative is superbly and vividly written… Mouseman offered me something positively different to my usual read.

Ruth Partridge

(The) style… is very crisp, pert, sparky, edgy… I love the main character and his voice.

Tony Hobbs

He's like a pressure-cooker coming up to boil - I found myself watching him with a mix of sympathetic amusement… and wary unease…


A witty and unusual tale. Very well written and hard to put down.

Harriet Dyer

If Dostoevsky had written a Carry On script, it might look something like this.

Jon Smallwood